Power Beyond the Fist was created to raise awareness on domestic violence and provide information to individuals that have suffered in abusive relationships. Power Beyond the Fist is also the name of an original art piece created by author and actress Tahirah Ogletree.  

This art piece entails 52 empowering phrases that surrounds the fist.  Its purpose is to encourage individuals to develop a healthy mindset that will help them overcome the abuse that is formulated between the victims and their batterers.  This powerful art piece supports that there is a power greater then the demonic forces of domestic violence. Which are self proclamation, self respect, and forgiveness  which transcends an individual into an empowered survivor. Power Beyond the Fist, also promotes the importance of making each victim aware of how imperative it is to reach out for support.  

This art piece is filled with national and local domestic violence HOTLINES to ensure any person who sees this image will have immediate contact information to reach an advocate to prevent silent suffering.
This campaign was created to raise awareness nationally and throughout our communities.  Our mission is to raise awareness through worldwide distribution of book sales for  "Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence" book signings, speaking engagements and through The O'Tahirah Foundation, Inc.
"My failures, disappointments, setbacks, PAIN and ABUSE have all been my greatest assets in life.  Why, because It has built me into the woman I am today! If I had given birth to negativity It would have prevented me from giving birth to creativity"
~ Tahirah Ogletree