About The Book

Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence is dedicated to every victim and survivor of domestic violence. The purpose of this coffee table book is to empower, inspire, educate, and help save and change lives. It is intended as a celebration of the beauty that all survivors have within and is a reminder to everyone that there is life beyond the deadly grips of domestic violence.  

This empowering coffee table book is filled with inspiring quotes, tips on how to detect the early warning signs of domestic violence, tear-jerking testimonials from survivors around the world, Tahirah Ogletree's autobiography, and a list of domestic violence hotlines with 24/7 access to highly trained advocates for immediate support.  Power Beyond The Fist is an original art piece designed by Tahirah Ogletree. This powerful image has 52 inspiring phrases that help domestic violence victims understand they can overcome through faith in God, encouragement, forgiveness and a great support system.

Tahirah is a survivor of domestic violence, her goal is to help others see the “Red Flags” before entering into a serious and dangerous relationship. Her purpose in writing this book is to inspire victims every by showing them that they have the power within to overcome the abuse.  Another goal is to show that there is a purpose for living to experience a much more rewarding life beyond the torturous nightmares of a violent relationship.

“No matter how hard it may seem, there is God and there is hope. You can overcome, and be the person He intended you to be. Never give up on your passion God has given you everything you need to become an unstoppable force.”

Tahirah Ogletree